Smile Makeover in Greenwich

A person's smile says a lot about them and is one of the first things we notice when we meet someone. As such having a great smile can go a long way when making that all-important first impression.  At Confidental Greenwich, providing you with that 5 star smile is but few steps away. Our cosmetic dentists have an abundance of experience, carrying out treatments regularly and will work with you to design your Smile Makeover treatment plan.

How do we achieve that perfect smile?

Each patient will be given a treatment plan that has been specifically tailored to suit him or her. As everyone is different, their plan may involve a single type of treatment or multiple ones. Rest assured, not matter what combination of treatments you require, we will provide you with the smile that you’ve always wanted. 

What treatments might I have?

We use a wide range of treatments to correct a wide range of problems:–

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