Same Day Dental Implants

Same day dental implants are a novel treatment that can give you a new set of teeth in a day. They are the best way to get new teeth immediately and are the closest substitutes for natural, functional, healthy looking teeth.

At Confidental Greenwich we use the ‘All on 4 implants’ technique

How does it work?

Four or five implants are fitted along with temporary teeth, eliminating the need for dentures on the same day. A titanium bridge to support at least ten teeth is then made once the implants have healed and fused fully with the bone.

Is All on 4 Suitable for me?

This treatment is suitable for both the upper and lower jaw and in particular for patients suffering from ill fitting or uncomfortable/loose dentures and bridges and decayed/un-restorable teeth. 

The All on 4 system has may benefits:

  • Is quick and less invasive
  • Eliminates painful friction that can occur between gum and teeth
  • There is no need to avoid certain foods
  • Appearance of natural teeth
  • Provides a high quality restoration

The usual stages are:

Stage 1 - Planning and preparation

The dentist will first make sure that All on 4 is suitable for you. Following this a scan will be taken that allows the dentist to see how much jawbone is available.

This allows for accurate positioning of the implants later on in the treatment.

Stage 2 - Study models

Models of you teeth are created that allow your dentist to evaluate the placement of the implants such that they are minimally invasive.

Stage 3 - Same day teeth and surgery

This procedure can take 2-4 hours for one row of teeth, first step is to remove any failing teeth and clear any infection that may be present.

The implants are then fitted and on the same day non-removable arches are also attached.  

Our dental surgeons will be happy to discuss same day teeth treatment with you in person. Please contact our reception team to book your free consultation.

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