Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) in Greenwich

Root Canal Treatment

Here, at Confidental Clinic Greenwich our team of highly trained dentists encourage our patients to have regular check ups and maintain healthy teeth. Root Canal Treatment can easily be avoided provided this is achieved.

Root Canal Treatment is required when decay or damage to the teeth causes the blood or nerve supply of the tooth to become infected. As a result, an abscess could arise, leaving you with a very painful and swollen tooth.

It is important to treat your infected tooth straight away in order to prevent tooth loss. In some cases, the infection could return after having a root canal so further treatment may be required.

We recommend that you receive Root Canal Treatment when possible instead of having a Tooth Extraction in order to save your natural tooth from having to be taken out.

If you have a Tooth Extraction then you might want to fill the gap in with dentures, bridges or crowns.

The Procedure

On average, two appointments will be needed. This depends on the severity of a patients tooth. Some patients may even need just one treatment, but depending on the size, position, shape or whether a patient has already had treatment – you may need more. You will be able to discuss your own treatment plan with your dentist who will cater to your needs.

Prior to having treatment, your dentist may take an X-ray to assess the area of the infected tooth. To ensure a painless procedure your Root Canal Treatment will be carried out under local anaesthesia, numbing the tooth. Your dentist will then place a rubber sheet around the tooth, which will prevent you from breathing in any chemicals used. They will then open your tooth through the crown and after they have accessed the soft tissue, they will remove any infected pulp. During this time, if you have an abscess, your dentist will also drain it.

The root canal will then be cleaned and enlarged, as it is quite difficult to fill if narrow. Your dentist will shape the canal and permanently fill it to prevent bacteria from getting it and causing an infection. Finally, a crown will be needed to protect the tooth from fracturing. A temporary crown will be fitted so that the dentist can ensure that your treatment was successful. You will need to come back for another appointment to permanently fix the crown.

Following a Root Canal Treatment, it is always important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. Reducing your consumption of sugary foods and visiting the dentist for regular check-ups can easily achieve this.

If, for some reason your Root Canal Treatment fails or for other reasons, your dentist may refer you to a Specialist Endodontist who is able to use more advanced equipment to treat your teeth.

If you are in any pain and need an appointment with one of our dentists, please contact our reception team who will be happy to book you in.


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