Dental Implants at Confidental Clinic in Greenwich

Options for replacing missing teeth

If you need treatment for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth then there are a number of options for you to consider:

1. Accepting the gap

2. Denture

3. Dental Bridge

4. Dental Implant

Our skilled dentists at Confidental Greenwich are able to offer dental implants to replace missing teeth. They not only have an aesthetic application, but functionally they prevent neighbouring teeth from shifting into the space and reduce the risk of problems occurring with the bite.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is essentially a titanium screw that acts as a replacement for the root or roots of teeth and is secured to the bone. Each implant is carefully positioned into a socket at the location of the intended tooth.

Generally, the implant is left for between 3-6 months in order to heal and fuse to the bone after which a crown can be used to complete the new tooth.

They are a good option when you are considering restoring single teeth, and retaining bridges and dentures.

What Dental Implants Can Achieve:

  • Replace one or more teeth whist having no adverse affects on other teeth in close proximity
  • Support a bridge and exclude the necessity for a removable denture
  • Provide support for a denture, improving its comfort and attachment

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Feel and look like natural teeth
  • Maintain the structure of bone and preserve nearby tissue
  • An excellent long term solution- built to last
  • Allow you to eat and speak normally

What Does Dental Implant Treatment Involve?

Assessing your teeth and bone is an important first step in determining whether or not dental implant treatment is right for you. This will involve impressions, x-rays and photographs in order to generate a model of your teeth. A further CT scan of your bone may also be required in order to give us a clearer picture of the available bone.  

Once we have gathered all the required information, your dentist will discuss the results with you and draw up an appropriate treatment plan, outlining all options and costs. At Confidental Greenwich all implants are carried out by Dr 123. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and then allowed to heal for a while. In the meantime, temporary teeth can be fitted between appointments if needed.

3-6 months after initial treatment the area should have sufficiently healed and then the implant is uncovered and impressions are taken. This allows the crown, bridge or denture to be made to measure by our expert technician who utilises state of the art computer technology.

The new tooth/teeth will then be tested to make sure that the fitting and aesthetics are just right, after which a final fitting will occur. You will be asked to return to our clinic at regular intervals so we can check that the implant is performing as it should be. We also advise that you attend regular dental hygiene appointments to make sure that the implant does not fail.

At our clinic we pride ourselves in only using the best implant systems available, Nobel, Biomet 3i and Biohorizons. These are superior in quality, backup and reliability, giving us peace of mind that your implant is the best it possibly could be.

Before and After Dental Implants

Crowns and implants to fill the gap and make restore the appearance of the teeth

  • BeforeBefore
  • AfterAfter
  • BeforeBefore
  • AfterAfter

Front tooth replaced with a dental implant

  • BeforeBefore
  • AfterAfter

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