Bone Graft and Sinus Lift For Dental Implants

Bone Graft for dental implant

Implants require a certain amount of bone in the jaw to be effective.

Sometimes the amount available may be insufficient in which case a bone graft may be use to increase the height and/or width of the bone such that an implant can be fitted.

There are a number of techniques used to perform a bone graft and can include using bone from your own mouth or a mineral substitute. Your dentist will discuss with you what the best option will be.

Sinus Lift

At the rear of our mouths, there is often less bone available due to the presence of our sinuses. The maxillary sinus is largest air space in the body and often encroaches on the area of bone in which we wish to place an implant. This means that a sinus lift must be performed in order to increase the amount of bone for the implant. In this procedure the floor of the sinus is lifted and bone is placed in the space created allowing longer implants to be fitted.

Our dentists are highly experienced in this particular procedure and be assured it does not affect the performance of the sinuses. Please see the below video for a more detailed explanation of how a sinus lift is performed.

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