Fixing A Damaged Tooth

Fixing A Damaged Tooth

Restoring chipped, cracked or broken teeth at our Greenwich practice.

In addition to regular appointments, most of our dentists will see a few patients each week who have incurred some unexpected damage to a tooth.

We generally try to see patients with this type of problem as soon as we can so that they don’t have to put up with the discomfort, and so that further damage can be prevented.

Once we have examined the affected tooth and assessed the damage, there are a number of dental treatments available at the Confidental Clinic that can be used to restore the tooth. Below we look at some of the possible procedures that may be used.

Small chips

Sometimes we lose a small chip from a tooth that causes no real problem to the health of the tooth. It can though leave a sharp edge which cuts or scratches the mouth, potentially opening it up to infection. Rather than simply smooth the rough edge, a composite may be used to fill the chip, restoring both appearance and strength. This will also help to protect the inner part of the tooth too, should the chip become larger if it is just smoothed.

Larger chips

Again, a composite could be used on a larger chip. This may depend on its size and location amongst other factors. In addition to composite bonding, we might choose to use a white filling, veneers or even a dental crown depending on the degree of damage done.


Cracks in the teeth not only look unsightly, but some can also allow bacteria to enter. In time, this is likely to lead to decay and possibly root canal infections. Possible available options include bonding, filling or dental veneers. The latter are especially popular with patients who dislike the way that the crack makes the tooth look, especially when it spoils an otherwise attractive smile.

Broken teeth

A broken tooth needs to be restored. Not only will a breakage weaken the tooth, but will expose the dentin layer inside the tooth. Without treatment, it is probably only a matter of time before a toothache appears. Usually, where a tooth has broken beyond where it could be filled, a dental crown may be used to restore it. In cases of severe breakage though, extraction of the tooth and replacement using dentures, a bridge or dental implant may be the better option. Each case will be deteremined individually and also, of course, in line with the patient’s wishes.

If you suffer unexpected damage to a tooth, whether through accident or a tooth starting to ‘crumble’, please call the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich so that we can treat it as soon as possible and preserve as much of the natural tooth as we can. You can contact us by calling 020 8858 1422.