Extracting A Tooth At Your Local Greenwich Dentist

Extracting A Tooth At Your Local Greenwich Dentist

Teeth are not simply ‘pulled out’ as some patients believe….

Here, our Greenwich based dentist explains what actually happens during a tooth extraction procedure.

At the Confidental Clinic, we aim to preserve the natural teeth wherever this is feasible. Generally, provided that problems are presented to us early on, procedures such as fillings, crowns or root canal treatment may be used to save the natural tooth.

Delays in seeing us with a dental problem, or where a tooth has been badly broken due to an accident though, may result in the need to extract it and replace it with one of our tooth replacement options.

Extracting the tooth

When a tooth does need to be extracted, it is not just ‘pulled out’ as some people think. This would imply that a great deal of strength and sheer force is required to remove a tooth. This is simply not the case and a more gentle method is used. First of all, we numb the area where the extraction will take place with a local anaesthetic. You should not feel any pain during this procedure, though you may notice a ‘grinding’ feeling and some pressure as the tooth is loosened from the socket. To do this, our dentist will hold the tooth with a pair of dental forceps and slowly rock the tooth from side to side in a gentle motion.

Using this technique, the bone that holds the tooth in place will gradually loosen, freeing the tooth from its socket. It is at this stage, that the dentist can simply pull the tooth away.


As you would expect following this procedure, the area that the tooth has been extracted from will bleed. You will be given a piece of sterile gauze to bite on to stem the blood flow. This will also cause the formation of a clot in the socket and this is a very important part of the healing process. You should take care not to dislodge the blood clot and should not violently spit or swill drinks or other liquids around the mouth in case this happens.

You will need to keep the area clean to avoid infections and whilst you can clean your other teeth in the normal manner, the area of the procedure should be kept clean using a warm saline solution that is tipped gently onto the area. You should do this every few hours for a few days to ensure optimum cleanliness.

Whilst routine extractions can be carried out by one of our Greenwich family dentists, more complicated removals, such as where a tooth is broken off at the gum line, may need to be performed by a specialist dentist.We will assess this when you come in to see us and advise you accordingly.

If you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, we recommend that you visit one of the dentists at the Confidental Clinic to have them checked. The earlier we can treat a damaged or infected tooth, the greater the chance of avoiding the need for it to be extracted.

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