Pain Free Teeth Whitening

Pain Free Teeth Whitening

Comfort, safety and results for our Greenwich patients.

The tooth whitening procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. As it is one of the most affordable and also with near instant effects, it is not surprising that the take up is so high.

The non invasive nature of a teeth whitening procedure also means that it is even acceptable to those who dislike going to the dentist for general check ups and treatments. By and large, it is an entirely safe procedure in the hands of registered dental professionals; however, there are still some people practicing this illegally, putting patients at risk.

Illegal teeth whitening

If you have your teeth whitened at a GDC registered dentist, such as the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich, you should enjoy a safe and comfortable procedure. In fact, it is now the law in this country, that only a registered dentist is allowed to perform this procedure. This has not stopped a few unscrupulous people from offering this treatment from their own homes or unlicensed “boutiques” at a reduced price though. If you do come across this being offered, even if by word of mouth, you should report it and, under no circumstances, have your teeth whitened there.

Whilst the tooth whitening procedure is safe if performed correctly, a number of illegal practitioners have been found to be using very high concentrates of the whitening ingredient. Whilst this may whiten the teeth, it can also damage them, sometimes causing extreme and painful tooth sensitivity.

Safe home whitening kits

To ensure a safe teeth whitening procedure, we recommend that you use a home whitening kit supplied by the Confidental Clinic. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ whitening kits, the trays in which the whitening gel is placed are made from impressions of your own teeth. This means that not only are they comfortable to wear, but are also a secure fit which prevents any of the bleach from burning the soft tissues in your mouth.

The trays are designed to be worn for a few hours a day, and, depending on the level of brightness that you want, results can usually be seen within a week or so. Naturally, we are always available for help should you have any questions or concerns during the treatment period. A few people may experience a little heightened sensitivity during the treatment, but this is temporary and soon goes.

Once treatment is completed, your teeth should remain whiter for a number of months, leaving you with a nicer looking and more confident smile.  As you will already have the trays, repeat treatment is more affordable as the gel alone will be needed. Again, please buy this from us and not over the internet, where the source of supply may not be regulated.

You should also check that the trays still fit, especially if there are long gaps between treatments or if you have had dental surgery. Loose fitting trays may cause the bleach to leak.

To find out more about the home teeth whitening kits available from our Greenwich dental practice, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8858 1422.