Investigating Teeth Whitening In Greenwich?

Investigating Teeth Whitening In Greenwich?

Controlling how white you’d like your teeth to be.

It is probably fair to say that many patients are drawn to teeth whitening after they see photographs of patients who have had the treatment. These photographs are often of teeth that have undergone treatment to achieve the maximum whiteness possible.

Whilst this is what many patients look for, it may not be for all. Indeed we have discussed with a few patients who attend our Greenwich dentists who are actually deterred by the possibility of their teeth looking too bright. What is sometimes misunderstood though, is that you are in control of how white you want your teeth to be.

At home treatment

At the Confidental Clinic, we use a custom home whitening kit, with trays produced to fit each individual patient’s teeth. This improves the comfort factor as well as reducing the risk of any bleach leaking from the trays onto the lips and gums. Patients will be informed of the likely extent of the whiteness from this procedure during their consultation. It is then the patient’s choice as to how far they wish to take this. We are always happy to offer our advice based on years of experience.

The trays are designed to be worn for a few hours a day for around two weeks. The length of the treatment period though, does allow patients to stop at any time that they feel happy with the colour of their teeth. Whilst most patients are likely to finish the full course of treatment, some may prefer a smaller improvement so that the change is not as obvious.

Topping up the whiteness

There is no harm in stopping your treatment at any point and, as you will have the trays and quite likely some teeth whitening gel left, you can use this to restart the process as the whiteness begins to fade, should you wish. This can be a useful method of maintaining a consistent colour over a longer period of time. We would recommend however, that if a significant amount of time has passed between treatments, or if you have had dental procedures in between, that you allow us to check the trays. Ill fitting trays result in burns of the soft tissues from the bleaching ingredient, should it leak.


We are always happy to discuss patient requirements and expectations and understand that not everybody will have the same aims from our treatments. We will always give you our honest opinion and will not attempt to persuade you to whiten your teeth more than you want to.

Our cosmetic dental team are both experienced and helpful and are always delighted to meet patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. If you would like to discover what we can do to improve your smile, why not book a free initial consultation at the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich by calling us on 020 8858 1422.