Cost Effective Tooth Replacement in Greenwich

Cost Effective Tooth Replacement in Greenwich

Why dental implants may not prove to be as costly as you think.

A number of patients dismiss the idea of having a dental implant placed, simply because of the cost. On the face of it, this may be understandable, as, to have them placed, the initial cost is the highest of the available options. So for some people, this initial outlay may well deter them from having this excellent tooth replacement system.

The fact is though, that a healthy dental implant will often serve its purpose for much longer than either dentures or a dental bridge. Whilst the lifespan of these will vary from person to person, a dental implant, providing that it is cared for correctly, should last for twenty years, and have been known to last for over thirty in some instances.

Weighing up the cost

Although the initial cost of a dental implant procedure may appear to be expensive, it should also be a ‘one off’  once the implant process has been completed. Providing that the patient cleans and flosses around it, and continues with both dental and hygienist visits at our Greenwich practice, no further work should need to be done, leaving the patient with a trouble free replacement tooth.

Dentures and bridges, the other alternatives, are different and will usually need adjustments over time. Inevitably, this comes with a cost attached and, largely due to this, after the initial seven years, a single implant can pay off economically – and maintenance costs over its life are often lower than for a traditional three unit dental bridge.

Finance plans

To help patients afford valuable procedures such as dental implant placement, we offer both a zero interest and low interest finance plan at the Confidental Clinic. Payments that are agreed to be paid within one year can be made with zero interest, whilst for payments between two and five years, a low interest rate is charged. Please discuss this with us for the latest interest rates.

Other benefits

The benefits of dental implants are more than just about cost effectiveness though. The fact is that this is an excellent option for anyone who has lost a tooth and wants a natural looking and feeling replacement. With dental implants, you will have a strong and secure replacement tooth which means that you can forget any worries about loose dentures or fiddly cleaning. A dental implant can be used in the exact same manner as a natural tooth.

If you would like to discuss having an implant placed and would like to know more about the procedure or the financial aspects of it, why not call the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich today on 020 8858 1422.