Giving Bad Breath The Boot In Greenwich

Giving Bad Breath The Boot In Greenwich

Stop looking for temporary ‘fixes’ and get rid of bad breath!

Most of us probably associate bad breath with something that we have eaten. Garlic is probably the most well known food that can lead to bad breath, but others, such as spicy foods and even coffee can cause our breath to smell. These smells are temporary though, and are simply a hangover from what we have just eaten. In a short time, our breath usually returns to normal.

Some people buy breath mints or sprays to mask these smells, and, as a temporary fix, these may work. If you find that you are having to use these on a regular basis though, there is every likelihood that your bad breath is caused by something more serious.

Causes of halitosis

If you have ever reeled back when someone has spoken to you, because of the smell of their breath, the chances are that it is not caused by food, but by oral health issues. The reality is that if your breath is unpleasant every day, it is time to pay a visit to your local Greenwich dentist to have your mouth checked.

One of the most significant causes of halitosis is, in fact, gum disease. This occurs when the bacteria in our mouth grow in number to the point where they are not being controlled properly. As these bacteria damage our gums and break down, they release gases which are what you can smell when someone has halitosis. Even where a spray or mint helps to hide this smell, your gums are still being damaged, eventually leading to possible tooth loss, and should be treated as soon as possible.

Bad breath treatment

At the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich, we can’t do anything about bad breath caused by what you eat, but we can help to get your mouth back to good health. Providing that your gum disease has not reached an advance staged, where it requires an invasive treatment known as a ‘deep clean’, the treatment is often reasonably straightforward and can be performed by our hygienist. To do this, any hardened bacteria that has collected on the teeth and gum line, will be gently ‘scraped’ away. A sonic tool is then used which shatters any remaining tartar (the hardened form of bacteria). Finally, a high speed brush is used which will remove the last of the tartar from your teeth. A programme of treatments is used to help get your mouth back to good health.

You will notice that your teeth feel cleaner, and possibly look whiter too. Naturally, a good quality teeth cleaning regimen at home is essential to keep your teeth in this healthy condition. Even where you do this though, some tartar is still likely to collect in hard to reach areas and we do recommend that all of our patients maintain a six monthly cleaning appointment with our hygienist to keep your mouth in the best possible condition.

If you suspect that you have bad breath (or if anyone has told you so!), why not call the Confidental Clinic today and let us help you to have sweet smelling breath once more.

You can arrange an appointment at our Greenwich practice by calling us on 020 8858 1422.