How Strong And Secure Is A Dental Crown?

How Strong And Secure Is A Dental Crown?

Crowns are commonly used for restorations and implants at the Confidental Clinic, Greenwich.

A crown is a useful type of tooth restoration used to resolve a number of dental problems. When a cavity is large, a root canal treatment carried out, or for a dental implant placement, crowns of various types can be used to complete the procedure.

Except for dental implants, where crowns are attached to the replacement titanium tooth ‘root’ via an abutment, crowns are usually fitted to the prepared natural tooth using a strong dental adhesive.

How strong are they?

Crowns are very strong, and generally, you should be able to use a restored tooth in exactly the same way that you would a natural tooth. The only exception to this is where a root canal procedure has been carried out. This is because the nerves will have been removed, making it easier to bite down harder than intended. So some additional caution is advised there.

How secure are they?

Generally speaking, a crown should be very secure for everyday use. Like all adhesives though, dental adhesives will lose their strength over a period of time; but typically crowns can last for 15 years or more. Although the adhesive can fail after a while, a more common reason for crowns to fail is where the natural part of the tooth that the crown is attached to, is allowed to degrade and decay. If the natural tooth starts to ‘crumble’ or break away, it is likely that the crown will also follow eventually.

It is worth noting that if a crown does become detached, you should contact your local Greenwich dentists straight away and not attempt to reattach it yourself. It is essential that you do not try any form of ‘DIY’ dentistry in an attempt to stick the crown back in place.

Dental implant crowns

As noted earlier, crowns used with dental implants are attached in an entirely different manner. These should generally last for the life span of the actual implant, but if they become damaged for any reason, providing that the implant itself has suffered no damage, it is relatively straightforward to replace the crown.

There are a number of different types of dental crowns available at the Confidental Clinic and should you need to have one, we will discuss the most appropriate type with you for your own specific needs and to be as cost-effective as possible.

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