Minor Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Greenwich

Minor Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Greenwich

How even small improvements can greatly improve a smile.

Some cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants or even a simple teeth whitening procedure, can make a great difference to the way that we look. Understandably then, these procedures are often at the top of our Greenwich patient’s ‘shopping lists’.

As well as these ‘headline’ procedures, we also offer a number of treatments that are sometimes given less credit than they should be in the work done to help patients have a successful  smile makeover.

Below, we take a look at some of these less well known but equally effective procedures:

Cosmetic bonding

In normal circumstances, when a tooth has suffered a chip or similar minor damage, the dentist may take the decision to fill it, as, once damaged, the enamel can no longer protect the tooth from infection by bacteria. This can eventually lead to decay and possibly toothache too.

Where a tooth is visible, i.e. near the front of the mouth, these chips could be restored using dental veneers and these do offer a long term solution to the problem. In some cases though, all that may be required is to use cosmetic bonding to restore its appearance and to protect the tooth. This is a similar procedure to a filling and may require a degree of preparation (although not in all cases). A tooth coloured resin is applied and shaped to give the tooth a natural appearance and finally hardened using a special dental light.

This is an effective procedure that offers excellent results.

Gum lift

Although not especially common, some people do have gums which extend much further down their teeth than they should. Whilst this causes no harm, it can leave the patient feeling self conscious when they smile. A gum lift may well be appropriate to correct this and provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile. The procedure simply involves giving a local anaesthetic and applying sophisticated laser equipment to remove the excess gum, shaping it to appear natural. Because a laser is used rather than a scalpel, there is little bleeding as the laser cauterises the wound as it cuts.

It is possible that patients may experience a little soreness once the anaesthetic wears off but this should only last for a few days and should be manageable with a regular pain killer.

White fillings

Whilst amalgam fillings offer excellent strength, they are also very dark in colour which makes them visible when you smile. At your nearby Greenwich dentists, we offer our private patients the option of natural looking white fillings in a shade to match their own teeth. Once the cavity has been filled using this material, which is a composite of glass particles and resin, you will be left with a strong filling which is virtually invisible and blends in well with your natural teeth.

For more information about these, or any other cosmetic dental procedure that we offer, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8858 1422.