A Whiter Smile For The New Year?

Looking ahead to a more attractive smile in 2020.

improved smile with veneersThe presents may not even be wrapped yet but some of us will already be thinking ahead to the new year and what we hope to achieve in it. No doubt the ‘usual suspects’ such as losing weight or stopping smoking (a very good idea from an oral health point of view) will be top of the list, but many will also be looking to improve other aspects of their life too.

One thing that seems to be increasingly on people’s ‘to do’ list for the new year is to take action to have a whiter and more attractive smile.

Some will have already tried to achieve this with a tooth whitening toothpaste and found it to be less than successful and will be looking for more effective ways of having whiter teeth. At the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich, we can do just that!

A convenient treatment

In addition to providing an effective treatment that enables you to see a real improvement in the whiteness of your teeth, our procedure allows you to do this in a way that is convenient for you. We will provide trays that are made from impressions of your own teeth. This provides a good level of comfort and helps to minimise any spillage of the whitening ingredient onto the gums and other soft tissues, which could cause burning.

You will be given the whitening solution in accordance with your desired aim. The treatment can, for example, be adjusted to suit your desired level of whiteness. We will also offer advice as to the best way to use the trays.

Generally speaking, we suggest that the trays are worn at home for around 4 hours a day. This could be while you watch TV or do any jobs in the house or garden; it really is down to you to decide when it is most convenient. You will start to notice results in around a week with the final whiteness being achieved at around 2 weeks.  This gradual improvement also means that whilst people will notice a difference, it will avoid the ‘shock’ of seeing someone who had yellow teeth turning up at work the next day with very white ones.

Heavily discoloured teeth

If you are a patient at our Greenwich dental clinic who has very badly stained teeth, you may well think that this treatment wouldn’t work for you, and you may be right. A teeth whitening procedure is primarily designed to work on relatively lightly stained teeth, and those that are very dark, perhaps from long-term smoking, may not get the full benefit.

If this applies to you, we recommend that you arrange to have a consultation. We will examine the possibility of a teeth whitening procedure first as this is the least invasive and least costly option. Where we feel that you would not be a suitable candidate, we may suggest veneers instead.

Veneers are very fine layers of tooth shaped porcelain that fit over the enamel on your teeth. In many cases, this will mean a minor dental procedure to remove a fine layer of the discoloured enamel from your teeth before applying the veneers. Although this does require invasive dental treatment, it is an excellent and long lasting (10 years plus) way of having white teeth again where your teeth have become very badly discoloured or stained.

If you are looking to improve the way that your teeth look in the New Year, please make an appointment to see one of our Confidental Clinic cosmetic dentists. We have a wide range of treatments that can correct a number of aesthetic and functional dental problems. From tooth replacement in the form of dental implants, a wide range of orthodontics for every situation, to the teeth whitening treatment, the most popular of all, we can help!

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