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Replacing Missing Teeth With Artificial Substitutes

Options for replacing lost teeth at your local Greenwich dental practice. If you are very fortunate, you might go through your whole life with a full set of natural teeth. ‘Good’ genes, good oral health care and an element of

Correcting A Gappy Smile

Dentist Dr Krina Patel

When a tooth is lost, simply leaving a gap isn’t the answer, advises Dr Krina Patel. Few of us will retain all of our teeth for our whole lives, however well we look after them. At some point, whether in

Partial dentures – their care, and the alternatives

picture of a dentist

Dentures are still a common way of replacing a missing tooth. For some time, dentures were the only way that a missing tooth could be replaced. These days there are now alternatives available, and we will discuss these later. Many