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Poor Oral Health And Your Blood Pressure

Progressive gum disease

Periodontal disease increasingly shown to contribute to other medical problems. Around one in three adults in the UK have been diagnosed with having high blood pressure and it is estimated that there are also somewhere in the region of 5

Is Gum Disease Painful?

Flossing for dental hygiene

Some common misconceptions about gum health. If your teeth aren’t giving you any trouble and you are fairly sure that you have no cavities, then it is easy to believe that your mouth is in good health. It isn’t just

Root Planing – Treating Periodontitis at our Greenwich practice

Progressive gum disease

How we attempt to save teeth affected by advanced gum disease. We have mentioned, a number of times before, the damage that gum disease can cause if left unchecked. Not only can symptoms such as sore gums and bad breath

Good Ongoing Gum Health – Important And Achievable

Teens and their teeth

Taking just a few small steps can help you to avoid gum disease. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, having healthy gums is essential for anyone wishing to retain their natural teeth. Whilst you may clean the enamel of

Gum Disease – Prevention And Treatment

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Take gum disease seriously to maintain a healthy mouth. Whilst tooth decay is widely understood, fewer people have an understanding of what gum disease actually is and why it is so important for good oral health. Even those with some