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Nervous Patients And Dental Implants

Is dental phobia stopping you having this popular tooth replacement procedure? Some of our Greenwich patients will be denture wearers. Some will be happy with this and find them adequate for the role they are intended to play, whereas others

Regular Dental Implant Check-ups

3 parts of a dental implant

Periodic monitoring of this tooth replacement system is important. Taking the decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants may not have been a straightforward one. There are a number of factors you may have had to consider, including

Same Day Dental Implant Placement

A one day treatment to replace a full arch of teeth If you have more than ten consecutive teeth missing on either the upper or lower jaw, our one day dental implant procedure, sometimes called an ‘all on 4’ is

Preparing Yourself For A Dental Implant Procedure in Greenwich

Help us help you to have a successful implant placement! The success rate of dental implant placement is already very high. Advances in the understanding of how implants work, along with the use of high quality implants at our Greenwich

Replacing Lost Teeth – Looking To The Long Term

Dental implant crown

The benefits of dental implants over bridges or dentures. Taking the decision to replace missing teeth is not always a straightforward one. Whilst we may quickly decide to replace missing front teeth that are visible, we may not be as

Full Arch Teeth Replacement In Greenwich

The ‘All On 4’ same day dental implant procedure. In previous blogs, we have looked at how individual dental implants are placed. Where a patient has lost all of the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw though, the

Cost Effective Tooth Replacement in Greenwich

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Why dental implants may not prove to be as costly as you think. A number of patients dismiss the idea of having a dental implant placed, simply because of the cost. On the face of it, this may be understandable,

Dental Implants – Strong And Stable Replacement Teeth

Dental implant crown

Greenwich patients are turning to this increasingly popular alternative to dentures. Any tooth loss is to be avoided wherever possible, but, especially if a visible front tooth is missing, this certainly detracts from a nice smile. Understandably, very few people

Dental Implants – A Realistic Replacement Tooth

3 parts of a dental implant

Why many patients are turning to teeth implants as an alternative to dentures. Tooth loss is a fact of life. Whilst some people will manage to go through life with a full set of adult teeth, many people will lose