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Tiredness And The Affect On Our Teeth And Gums

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Insufficient sleep can make us less careful with our oral health. Are you tired right now? If you are, it may simply because because you had a late night last night, perhaps going out to a party or similar. If

Join In With Stoptober For A Healthier Smile

Encouraging our Greenwich patients towards a healthier mouth by kicking the smoking habit. Although Stoptober officially started at the beginning of this month;  the campaign, by Public Health England, is relevant at any time. There are advantages to starting at

Tartar And Calculus

Dental hygienist at Confidental Clinic in Greenwich

Our dental hygiene team explains what these terms mean and the implications for your teeth. It is quite likely that several of you will have wondered what some of the words mean that dentists use, for example when recording information

Why You Should Consider An Electric Toothbrush

Hygienist at Confidental Clinic Greenwich

Dental hygienist, Holly Gail, explains the benefits of an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush is now widely found in households across the country. Although they feel very different initially, most people that have tried them do not switch back to

Giving Bad Breath The Boot In Greenwich

Stop looking for temporary ‘fixes’ and get rid of bad breath! Most of us probably associate bad breath with something that we have eaten. Garlic is probably the most well known food that can lead to bad breath, but others,

What Causes Sticky Teeth In The Morning?

A white film on the teeth is relatively common, but do you know what it is? Most of us have probably woken up from time to time with a feeling of something white and sticky on our teeth and gums.

What Is A Scale And Polish At Confidental Greenwich?

An essential procedure in the battle for healthy gums. Although the number of people visiting a dental hygienist is probably greater than it used to be; for many people, it may still be seen as an ‘optional extra’. This is

Gingivitis, Periodontitis And Tooth Loss

It is not only tooth decay that can cause you to lose your teeth. Tooth loss is often associated with dental decay, and certainly in younger patients this is a common cause. What is perhaps less well known is that,

Half Price Dental Hygienist Visits in Greenwich


Take advantage of our special offer – it really makes sense! Having a good regular dental hygiene routine that we adhere to, is a vitally important part of maintaining the good health of our mouth and teeth. If we adopt

Why Have Regular Hygiene Appointments?


Even if you are familiar with having regular hygiene appointments, you might be unaware of their importance. In fact, your hygiene appointments play a crucial part in preventing dental problems, helping to maintain strong and healthy gums and ensuring your

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