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A Whiter Smile For The New Year?

Looking ahead to a more attractive smile in 2020. The presents may not even be wrapped yet but some of us will already be thinking ahead to the new year and what we hope to achieve in it. No doubt

Considering A Dental ‘Touch Up’ To Give Your Smile More Appeal?

Great smiles

Dr Sandeep Patel looks at common treatments which can be used to improve your smile. You may well have come across stories of media personalities who have undergone dramatic changes to their appearance through surgery? This often relates not only

Why Some Patients Prefer White Fillings

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Practice Principal, Dr Sandeep Patel, looks at why patients are switching from amalgam fillings. From time to time, there are negative stories about amalgam fillings in the media and claims that these can be dangerous are likely to deter patients

Creating A Winning Smile With A Makeover In Greenwich!

Great smiles

A great smile can help you to gain more than just aesthetic benefits. Although the main reason that most people have cosmetic dentistry is to achieve a nicer smile to improve their overall appearance; studies have also shown that people

How You Can Benefit From A Mini Smile Makeover in Greenwich

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When your teeth look OK, but you feel there is some room for improvement. Whilst patients who have missing teeth, or teeth that are badly crooked, might require a more detailed smile makeover to correct their smile; for many patients,

Three Ways To Restore A Chipped Tooth

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Our Greenwich dentist discusses the options available. Chipping a tooth is not uncommon, especially where the tooth may have been weakened through previous damage. An uneven bite can also contribute to this, and, if your teeth are crooked, the use

Minor Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Greenwich

How even small improvements can greatly improve a smile. Some cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants or even a simple teeth whitening procedure, can make a great difference to the way that we look. Understandably then, these procedures are