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Tooth Friendly Christmas Tips

Our Greenwich dental team offers some seasonal oral health advice Most patients of the Confidental Clinic are probably looking forward to Christmas. For many, it is a time away from work where we can put our feet up and let

Is there such a thing as a “best” toothpaste?

With so many toothpastes now available, deciding which one to use can be confusing. If you ask your parents or grandparents, the likelihood is that, providing it is still in existence, they are still using the same brand of toothpaste

Challenges For Teenage Teeth

Teenage years can be fun but there are lots of challenges for our teeth! Whilst being a teenager can be fun, it can also be a challenging time of life when we are just discovering who we are. In today’s

Questionable Dental Advice From When We Were Young!

A brief look at a few old sayings and how relevant they are today. As we get older, we sometimes start to recall some of the things that were said to us as children. Indeed, there is every likelihood that

The Impact Of Oral Cancers

Dental surgery in Greenwich

Mouth cancer – a major impact on lives. At the Confidental Clinic, we put a lot of emphasis not only on having healthy teeth but also on full mouth care. Our gums, cheeks, tongue and throat are all important and

Is The Rise In Measles And Tooth Decay Linked?

Dentist Dr Sandeep Patel

Greenwich Practice Principal Dr Sandeep Patel explores what these issues may have in common. On the face of it, you might think that measles and oral health issues have no common links. It is certainly true that one does not

Can A ‘Minor’ Dental Problem Wait For Treatment?

Dental surgery in Greenwich

It can sometimes be tempting for patients to avoid seeking help for a minor dental issue. Like all dental practices across the country, we have helped patients at the Confidental Clinic who, when asked if there were any problems at

Why Do Some People Have “Thin” Gums?

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Translucent, thin gums give some patients for concern, but should they? If you take a look at your own gums in a mirror, the chances are that you will see a set of healthy pink gums, providing that you have

Cancelled Appointments

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Why “no shows” can prove problematic for patient and dentist alike. Many of us will probably have had to cancel either a doctor or dentist appointment at some time in our lives. Usually this is for a genuine reason and

Pain And Discomfort Following Dental Treatment

Dental pain

A look at what you might feel and what you shouldn’t feel, following dental surgery. There are a number of reasons why people might need treatment for unhealthy teeth. Accidents can happen at any time which require immediate treatment. Poor