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Tooth Crowns Explained

Dental implant crown

Confidental Greenwich dentist, Dr Lynn Hutchinson, discusses the procedures that use a dental crown Along with fillings and extractions, the use of a dental crown is probably one of the most common restorative procedures that is used at dental practices

Considering A Dental ‘Touch Up’ To Give Your Smile More Appeal?

Great smiles

Dr Sandeep Patel looks at common treatments which can be used to improve your smile. You may well have come across stories of media personalities who have undergone dramatic changes to their appearance through surgery? This often relates not only

Why Do Some People Have “Thin” Gums?

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Translucent, thin gums give some patients for concern, but should they? If you take a look at your own gums in a mirror, the chances are that you will see a set of healthy pink gums, providing that you have

Tiredness And The Affect On Our Teeth And Gums

picture of a dentist

Insufficient sleep can make us less careful with our oral health. Are you tired right now? If you are, it may simply because because you had a late night last night, perhaps going out to a party or similar. If

Regular Dental Implant Check-ups

3 parts of a dental implant

Periodic monitoring of this tooth replacement system is important. Taking the decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants may not have been a straightforward one. There are a number of factors you may have had to consider, including

Cancelled Appointments

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Why “no shows” can prove problematic for patient and dentist alike. Many of us will probably have had to cancel either a doctor or dentist appointment at some time in our lives. Usually this is for a genuine reason and

Pain And Discomfort Following Dental Treatment

Dental pain

A look at what you might feel and what you shouldn’t feel, following dental surgery. There are a number of reasons why people might need treatment for unhealthy teeth. Accidents can happen at any time which require immediate treatment. Poor

Oil Pulling – Twenty Wasted Minutes Of Your Life?

Although its popularity appears to be waning, this ancient method of oral care still has its followers. In the days before the internet, most people who wanted to look after their teeth just trusted their local dentist. Of course, there

Saliva And Tooth Decay Control

picture of a dentist

Healthy saliva levels are essential for teeth and gum protection. Looking after your teeth is not overly difficult, with a little care and attention. It is, however, multi-faceted and requires a number of care factors to come together for the

Fizz Free February – Are You Taking Part?

Helping to prevent tooth decay and obesity by reducing fizzy drink consumption. February sees the start of a brand new health campaign, and one that could be of significant benefit to adults and children alike. It encourages us to cut