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Mistakes To Avoid When Brushing Your Teeth

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Optimising this basic, but essential, tooth care routine. Modern dentistry can now do wonders to save and restore damaged teeth, and even to replace them using permanent methods such as dental implants. By and large though, much dental care revolves

Keeping And Re-Using Your Invisalign Trays

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Once used, should you keep or throw away your transparent plastic trays? In today’s world we are increasingly conscious of the need to preserve the environment and perhaps not live in such a disposable way as we have in the

The Importance Of Healthy Tooth Enamel

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This first line of defence for our teeth should be looked after as well as possible As some patients will already know from reading previous blogs, there are three essential parts of a tooth. The enamel, the dentin layer and

Can A ‘Minor’ Dental Problem Wait For Treatment?

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It can sometimes be tempting for patients to avoid seeking help for a minor dental issue. Like all dental practices across the country, we have helped patients at the Confidental Clinic who, when asked if there were any problems at

Tooth Crowns Explained

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Confidental Greenwich dentist, Dr Lynn Hutchinson, discusses the procedures that use a dental crown Along with fillings and extractions, the use of a dental crown is probably one of the most common restorative procedures that is used at dental practices

Considering A Dental ‘Touch Up’ To Give Your Smile More Appeal?

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Dr Sandeep Patel looks at common treatments which can be used to improve your smile. You may well have come across stories of media personalities who have undergone dramatic changes to their appearance through surgery? This often relates not only

Why Do Some People Have “Thin” Gums?

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Translucent, thin gums give some patients for concern, but should they? If you take a look at your own gums in a mirror, the chances are that you will see a set of healthy pink gums, providing that you have

Tiredness And The Affect On Our Teeth And Gums

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Insufficient sleep can make us less careful with our oral health. Are you tired right now? If you are, it may simply because because you had a late night last night, perhaps going out to a party or similar. If

Regular Dental Implant Check-ups

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Periodic monitoring of this tooth replacement system is important. Taking the decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants may not have been a straightforward one. There are a number of factors you may have had to consider, including

Cancelled Appointments

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Why “no shows” can prove problematic for patient and dentist alike. Many of us will probably have had to cancel either a doctor or dentist appointment at some time in our lives. Usually this is for a genuine reason and