A Minor Cracked Tooth Should Be Treated Promptly

A Minor Cracked Tooth Should Be Treated Promptly

Don’t delay treatment for what you might consider to be minor issues!

With the wealth of medical information at our fingertips these days, it can be all too easy to self diagnose and decide whether a problem is serious or not. We often forget that our bodies, including our teeth, are far more sophisticated things than we might be aware of. Making a judgement whether we need treatment, rather than have it checked by a professional, could well lead to trouble a little further down the line.

Most people will see one of our Greenwich dentists when they are in pain from a toothache. Where the tooth doesn’t hurt or there is no obvious damage, such as a fine crack, it may be tempting to leave it; especially if you are a nervous dental patient. This is not a good idea though! Even minor problems can become bigger and may require much more extensive treatment at a later date, if not dealt with promptly.

A cracked tooth

Whilst some cracked teeth are visibly obvious, this is not always the case. Sometimes we may not be able to see the crack, but suspect it exists because we heard a loud sound as we ate something hard. After a bit of probing with the tongue and testing it out gently, we may decide that even if it is cracked, it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t seem to be causing a problem, so why have it looked at?

But taking this approach is asking for trouble and there are a number of issues which can soon arise from an untreated cracked tooth.

Decay – Once the enamel of the tooth has become compromised, the dentin layer beneath is more vulnerable to bacteria that causes tooth decay. Although it may be some time before the tooth actually hurts, the decay can become quite extensive and require a large filling, or even extraction, if not treated.

Infected root canals – If the bacteria reaches the pulp area in the root canals of the tooth, infection is almost certain to occur. This can be very painful as the nerves are stored in this area. Once this happens, the only way to resolve the issue is to have root canal treatment.

Treating a cracked tooth

Presuming that the crack is relatively minor, there are a few options available to restore the tooth. The choice of these will depend on the result of your examination at the Confidental Clinic. A minor crack where little stress is put upon the tooth might be resolved with a simple bonding process. Small white coloured fillings would offer a more natural appearance and provide additional strength too.  If the tooth affected is at the front and the crack not only compromises the enamel but spoils the look of your teeth too, a porcelain dental veneer may also be considered. With an extensive crack or breakage, it is likely that a crown will be considered.

Ultimately, all dental problems should be checked out as early as possible. Even if you have only recently had your regular six monthly check up at our Greenwich practice, if you suspect there may be an issue, however minor, it is always best to let us check it out.

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