Healthy Teeth For Teenagers in Greenwich

Healthy Teeth For Teenagers in Greenwich

Regular checks at the dentist and personal care are key

If you are a parent of a teenager, you will probably be aware of the stubborn streak that often develops when they reach this age.

Whilst this may be a necessary part of developing into an adult, it can be a frustrating time for parents, nonetheless. Whilst some of this may be a clash between generations, it is especially frustrating for parents to see their children ignore, or even go directly against, advice that they know is essential for them.

This frustration often applies to their dental care. It is almost impossible to watch over a teenager to make sure that they brush their teeth well, yet, knowing that, if you don’t, they may well only give them a cursory brush.

In today’s blog, we offer a few tips for parents to help their teenagers have healthier teeth, and we wish you the best of luck!

Set an example

Despite their independent streak, most teenagers, even if only subconsciously, will take notice of what their parents do. If you spend your evenings sat in front of the TV, frequently dipping your hand into a box of chocolates, so will they, with disastrous consequences for their teeth.

Try to keep consumption of sugary foods to a minimum for all family members, with sweets etc, perhaps locked away for special occasions only. A varied and a healthy diet will also help to provide all the necessary nutrients for strong and healthy teeth. Try to avoid the consumption of high sugar drinks too, as these are increasingly being linked to the rise in tooth decay amongst children.

You are the ‘boss’

Although it probably won’t feel like it a lot of the time, you are still in control of your children’s well-being, especially before they reach the later teenage years. Whilst it would be nice to sit down and explain why they should clean their teeth and have them do as you say, the reality is that there are likely to be times when you have to ‘put your foot down’. How you do this will depend on your own family and if you have to adopt a firm stance, they are unlikely to be immediately grateful for this, but it will pay off for them as they grow up with healthy teeth.

Use the ‘cool’ factor

Not every method of helping your kids look after their teeth will meet with a wall of reluctance. Some tips, such as the chewing of sugar free gum, will often be readily accepted by them and seen as the social norm within their own peer group. Chewing sugar free gum is actually very useful in removing bacteria and food particles from between the teeth and should be encouraged. Please ask them to dispose of the gum sensibly though!

See the dentist

Finally, do make sure that any teenage children are registered with our Greenwich dental practice. Regular professional care is important to help them have healthy teeth for many years to come. Dental hygienist appointments are also an excellent way of learning more about why they should clean their teeth, without it sounding like a lecture from their parents.

If you would like to see our Greenwich family dentist and arrange an appointment, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8858 1422.