Emergency Dental Treatment in Greenwich

Emergency Dental Treatment in Greenwich

What to do when you damage a tooth or are in pain.

For the majority of the time, most patients who visit a dental practice on a regular basis should not suffer from any dental pain as problems such as tooth decay have normally been detected and treated in their early stages.

This does not mean though, that it does not happen, and, our blog today looks at what to do when problems arise unexpectedly.


If you have missed dental appointments, or perhaps have a fear of the dentist and have not been for some time, it is quite likely that a tooth will eventually become compromised and infected. Sometimes this may cause the tooth to break with little or no discomfort, but equally, you may wake up in the night with a very painful toothache indeed. At the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich, whilst we encourage patients to see us at regular intervals, we equally have no wish to see anybody suffering from toothache. Consequently we offer emergency dental appointments to allow people to receive treatment as promptly as possible.


It does not have to be neglect though, which causes dental pain. Accidents do happen and especially if we participate in physical contact sports such as football or rugby. Even a less active person though may trip and cause damage to their teeth. In cases of either neglect or accident, there is one thing for certain; even if you feel no pain, you should make an emergency dental appointment at our Greenwich practice as soon as you possibly can.

In the case of dental pain, quite naturally, relief will be a priority. Where no pain is felt but a tooth has been damaged, it is still important to have this treated immediately. Any damage to the enamel of a tooth is likely to lead to decay or even root canal infection eventually, and further breakage of the tooth is likely if the structure is compromised.

Act quickly

As soon as you possibly can, you should contact the Confidental Clinic in Greenwich and explain your situation to the receptionist who will make an appointment for you at the earliest possible time. Calling us early in the morning is more likely to result in a same day appointment. Where this is not possible, we will offer advice on how to care for the tooth and minimise any discomfort until we are able to see you.

Should an accident or toothache occur outside of normal working times, such as over the Christmas period for example, please call us anyway and you will hear recorded instructions on how to proceed. To book an emergency dental appointment, or for any other treatments, please call our Greenwich dental practice on 020 8858 1422.