Year: 2020

Six Month Smiles – Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

Discreet teeth straightening options in Greenwich If you asked most people to describe dental braces, they would probably say that they were very visible and looked ugly and uncomfortable. Some of this opinion may well be based on older types

Book Now For Our Spring Facial Aesthetics Offer!

From 1st to 30th April, Confidental Clinic in Greenwich offers this popular beauty treatment at reduced prices Although some of us have probably been wearing our wellington’s as much as we have our regular shoes this last month or so,

Increase In Illegal Teeth Whitening Outlets

Advising our Greenwich patients to be aware of the dangers of illegal teeth whitening. Some of you may have recently seen a BBC report that claimed that there has been a rise of 26% in the number of companies that

Replacing Missing Teeth With Artificial Substitutes

Options for replacing lost teeth at your local Greenwich dental practice. If you are very fortunate, you might go through your whole life with a full set of natural teeth. ‘Good’ genes, good oral health care and an element of

Managing And Treating Sensitive Teeth

Worn down tooth enamel can lead to this uncomfortable condition. Have you ever winced in pain or discomfort when you have had a sip of a very hot or cold drink, or even found that breathing through the mouth on

Are You Planning To Quit Smoking In The New Year?

Here are two very good reasons why you should 2020 is now properly under way and next Christmas seems a long way off. Some of you will have probably started your new year resolutions, whilst others may have already failed