Month: August 2018

Why Some Patients Prefer White Fillings

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Practice Principal, Dr Sandeep Patel, looks at why patients are switching from amalgam fillings. From time to time, there are negative stories about amalgam fillings in the media and claims that these can be dangerous are likely to deter patients

Why You Should Consider An Electric Toothbrush

Hygienist at Confidental Clinic Greenwich

Dental hygienist, Holly Gail, explains the benefits of an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush is now widely found in households across the country. Although they feel very different initially, most people that have tried them do not switch back to

Is Our Snacking Habit Destroying Our Teeth?

Changing dietary habits presents a major challenge to both teeth and gums. At one time, most people ate three meals a day; breakfast, dinner and tea (or breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on where you came from). Times change though