Month: March 2018

Preparing Yourself For A Dental Implant Procedure in Greenwich

Help us help you to have a successful implant placement! The success rate of dental implant placement is already very high. Advances in the understanding of how implants work, along with the use of high quality implants at our Greenwich

Restoring A Knocked Out Tooth In Greenwich

Missing tooth

What to do if you lose a tooth in this dramatic manner? Mostly, when we lose a tooth, it will have been a gradual process. Either problems have been happening, without our knowledge, for some time, resulting in the need

Creating A Winning Smile With A Makeover In Greenwich!

Great smiles

A great smile can help you to gain more than just aesthetic benefits. Although the main reason that most people have cosmetic dentistry is to achieve a nicer smile to improve their overall appearance; studies have also shown that people