Month: February 2018

Why Do Our Teeth Lose Their Whiteness?

How diet and lifestyle can discolour our teeth. There can be a presumption that, as long as we brush our teeth well, not only will they remain free of problems like tooth decay, but that they will stay a nice

Partial dentures – their care, and the alternatives

picture of a dentist

Dentures are still a common way of replacing a missing tooth. For some time, dentures were the only way that a missing tooth could be replaced. These days there are now alternatives available, and we will discuss these later. Many

Eating Disorders And How They Affect Your Teeth

Anorexia and Bulimia can lead to tooth and gum problems. Eating problems associated with body dysmorphia can have serious consequences for our health, and can even prove to be fatal if not addressed. Thankfully, this problem is now more widely