Year: 2018

Three Tips For Achieving Smoother Skin

Great smiles

Our Greenwich facial aesthetics team offer some tips for younger looking skin. Although our skin will inevitably wrinkle as we grow older, we can do quite a lot to help delay this. A healthy lifestyle and diet are certainly good

Your Christmas Guide To Good Oral Health

Flossing for dental hygiene

The festive season can be a time when good habits go out of the window…. By the time you read this blog, many of you will probably be in full swing of preparing for Christmas. Especially if you have children,

Poor Oral Health And Your Blood Pressure

Progressive gum disease

Periodontal disease increasingly shown to contribute to other medical problems. Around one in three adults in the UK have been diagnosed with having high blood pressure and it is estimated that there are also somewhere in the region of 5

What Happens When Food Gets Stuck In Your Teeth?

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Dr Sandeep Patel takes a look at the tooth decay process. The fact is that whilst most of us do clean our teeth reasonably diligently, twice a day, only a small minority apply the same regularity when it comes to

Join In With Stoptober For A Healthier Smile

Encouraging our Greenwich patients towards a healthier mouth by kicking the smoking habit. Although Stoptober officially started at the beginning of this month;  the campaign, by Public Health England, is relevant at any time. There are advantages to starting at

Tartar And Calculus

Dental hygienist at Confidental Clinic in Greenwich

Our dental hygiene team explains what these terms mean and the implications for your teeth. It is quite likely that several of you will have wondered what some of the words mean that dentists use, for example when recording information

Make Your Teeth Resilient To Ageing

Older patients at the dentist

Dr Lynn Hutchinson discusses how our Greenwich team can help you with age related dental issues. Good quality dental care is essential for everyone. Whether you are 1 year old or 101 years old, having healthy teeth is important and

Correcting A Gappy Smile

Dentist Dr Krina Patel

When a tooth is lost, simply leaving a gap isn’t the answer, advises Dr Krina Patel. Few of us will retain all of our teeth for our whole lives, however well we look after them. At some point, whether in

Why Some Patients Prefer White Fillings

Dr Sandeep Patel of Confidental Greenwich

Practice Principal, Dr Sandeep Patel, looks at why patients are switching from amalgam fillings. From time to time, there are negative stories about amalgam fillings in the media and claims that these can be dangerous are likely to deter patients

Why You Should Consider An Electric Toothbrush

Hygienist at Confidental Clinic Greenwich

Dental hygienist, Holly Gail, explains the benefits of an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush is now widely found in households across the country. Although they feel very different initially, most people that have tried them do not switch back to