Month: October 2017

Replacing Lost Teeth – Looking To The Long Term

Dental implant crown

The benefits of dental implants over bridges or dentures. Taking the decision to replace missing teeth is not always a straightforward one. Whilst we may quickly decide to replace missing front teeth that are visible, we may not be as

Full Arch Teeth Replacement In Greenwich

The ‘All On 4’ same day dental implant procedure. In previous blogs, we have looked at how individual dental implants are placed. Where a patient has lost all of the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw though, the

Good Ongoing Gum Health – Important And Achievable

Teens and their teeth

Taking just a few small steps can help you to avoid gum disease. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, having healthy gums is essential for anyone wishing to retain their natural teeth. Whilst you may clean the enamel of