Month: May 2017

The Reality Of Alternative Teeth Whitening Treatments

white teeth

Poor results and possibly damage too…. It is not surprising that a teeth whitening procedure ranks amongst our Greenwich patients as one of the most popular. The custom-made trays we provide in our home teeth whitening kits offer not just

Gingivitis, Periodontitis And Tooth Loss

Flossing for dental hygiene

It is not only tooth decay that can cause you to lose your teeth. Tooth loss is often associated with dental decay, and certainly in younger patients this is a common cause. What is perhaps less well known is that,

Cost Effective Tooth Replacement in Greenwich

Dental implant crown

Why dental implants may not prove to be as costly as you think. A number of patients dismiss the idea of having a dental implant placed, simply because of the cost. On the face of it, this may be understandable,