Month: February 2017

Minor Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Greenwich

How even small improvements can greatly improve a smile. Some cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants or even a simple teeth whitening procedure, can make a great difference to the way that we look. Understandably then, these procedures are

Dental Implants – Strong And Stable Replacement Teeth

Dental implant crown

Greenwich patients are turning to this increasingly popular alternative to dentures. Any tooth loss is to be avoided wherever possible, but, especially if a visible front tooth is missing, this certainly detracts from a nice smile. Understandably, very few people

Half Price Dental Hygienist Visits in Greenwich


Take advantage of our special offer – it really makes sense! Having a good regular dental hygiene routine that we adhere to, is a vitally important part of maintaining the good health of our mouth and teeth. If we adopt

Emergency Dental Treatment in Greenwich

Dental pain

What to do when you damage a tooth or are in pain. For the majority of the time, most patients who visit a dental practice on a regular basis should not suffer from any dental pain as problems such as