Year: 2017

Root Planing – Treating Periodontitis at our Greenwich practice

Progressive gum disease

How we attempt to save teeth affected by advanced gum disease. We have mentioned, a number of times before, the damage that gum disease can cause if left unchecked. Not only can symptoms such as sore gums and bad breath

Tips For Tackling Sugar Addiction

Festive tips to help our Greenwich patients cut down their sugar consumption. Although Christmas is probably at the front of our minds right now, the few days spent celebrating Christmas will soon be over and it will be time to

Five Reasons To Consider Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisalign braces

Near invisible braces offering many benefits for Greenwich patients Most of us probably remember dental braces as being very visible and ugly. Perhaps our friends had them when we were children and we were just grateful that it wasn’t us!

Mouth Cancer – Prevention And Action

Dental surgery in Greenwich

This disease, which kills over two thousand people a year in the UK, should be taken very seriously. As we are just over halfway through November, which is Mouth Cancer Action Month, we felt it was a good time to

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Looking at the science behind a teeth whitening procedure. If you are the type of patient who likes to know as much as possible about how various dental treatments work, then this blog is for you. If you don’t wish

Replacing Lost Teeth – Looking To The Long Term

Dental implant crown

The benefits of dental implants over bridges or dentures. Taking the decision to replace missing teeth is not always a straightforward one. Whilst we may quickly decide to replace missing front teeth that are visible, we may not be as

Full Arch Teeth Replacement In Greenwich

The ‘All On 4’ same day dental implant procedure. In previous blogs, we have looked at how individual dental implants are placed. Where a patient has lost all of the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw though, the

Good Ongoing Gum Health – Important And Achievable

Teens and their teeth

Taking just a few small steps can help you to avoid gum disease. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, having healthy gums is essential for anyone wishing to retain their natural teeth. Whilst you may clean the enamel of

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – Do They Work?

Great smiles

Our Greenwich cosmetic dentist looks at this much advertised dental product. We are sure that you can’t have missed  the numerous adverts currently on TV, promoting various teeth whitening toothpastes. Understandably, these adverts are quite successful. After all, who wouldn’t

How You Can Benefit From A Mini Smile Makeover in Greenwich

white teeth

When your teeth look OK, but you feel there is some room for improvement. Whilst patients who have missing teeth, or teeth that are badly crooked, might require a more detailed smile makeover to correct their smile; for many patients,