Month: November 2016

Invisalign – The Discreet Way To Straighten Teeth

Invisalign braces

Our Greenwich dentist looks at this revolutionary orthodontic system. For many people, the fear of wearing dental braces outweighs their concerns over having crooked or uneven teeth. This is likely to be due to people’s memories of seeing others with

Dental Implants – A Realistic Replacement Tooth

3 parts of a dental implant

Why many patients are turning to teeth implants as an alternative to dentures. Tooth loss is a fact of life. Whilst some people will manage to go through life with a full set of adult teeth, many people will lose

Children’s Teeth FAQ’s


We take children’s dentistry very seriously and are keen to create a trusting relationship with our younger patients, ultimately fostering a lifetime of good dental habits. We provide an extensive range of treatments for children and are always happy to

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Confidental Clinic Greenwich – An Introduction

Your local family and cosmetic dentists for South East London. Welcome to today’s blog in which we provide a quick overview of the treatments we offer patients from the Greenwich area. We will cover these in more depth in future